Glittering Jewel Cambridge Bath

A modern spa-like bathroom was created for the lady of the house in this small Cambridge apartment. The goal was to create a clean, open, glamorous space. We gutted the 70's style bathroom which featured ugly linoleum floors and blue plastic drop in bath/shower insert and completely transformed it! A large transom window was made to fit the wall, a curbless glass shower opens up the small space, an accent recycled glass tile wall was placed vertically to make the bring the eye up, a crystal chandelier was added to give drama and personality to the space. Lots of hidden storage make use of the limited space (a floating glass vanity with a large drawer and incorporated night light, a tall medicine cabinet with its own hidden outlet, a small shelf with compartiments).

This project won Excellence in Design in the Small Bath Category at the Shine Awards, hosted by Designer Bath, in Beverly, MA July 2016.

This award-winning design project was also featured in the Boston Globe "Room to Love" Real Estate Section on June 26 2016. Click here for a link to the article:

Photo Credit: Jared Kuzia

Project year: 2015