Junior League of Boston Showhouse 2017

Barbara designed a sophisticated, soothing room for a little girl. The goal was to make it whimsical enough but not so cute she could not grow into it. Notice the use of plants, animals and landscapes as a tool to create a peaceful environment. Large oil paintings evoke dreamy landscapes, the acanthus plant stripe of the grass cloth wallpaper makes one feel surrounded and safe. Birds, elephants and butterflies are part of the magical decor. Lots of texture and patterns create interest. Finally, old is blended with new (antique bird illustrations, old pine chest, modern crib, etc.) to create an eclectic and inviting interior.

This project was featured in two articles in the Boston Design Guide. See below for links to the articles.

Boston Design Guide May 10, 2018: https://bit.ly/2KV2nQl

Boston Design Guide November 14, 2017: https://bit.ly/2w6YD8W

Photo credit: Jared Kuzia

​Project year: 2017